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Iris Journal of Educational Research publishes research papers in the field of Education. The main aim of IJER is to exploit scientific information throughout the globe with easily accessible data in the most convenient electronic formats. IJER has contributed to the advancement of educational practices in elementary and secondary schools through judicious study of the latest trends, examination of new procedures, evaluation of traditional practices, and replication of previous research. Special issues examine major education concerns in depth. Theme topics include original and theoretical studies in education of Methodology, Theory, Motivation, Literacy, and Professional Development. IJER is a journal covering the technologies/fields/categories related to Education. We accept all types of articles like Editorial, Research, Review, Case Report, Opinion, Short Communication, Perspectives, Mini Review, Clinical Image, Letter to Editor, e-Books, Video articles etc. And the highlights of IJER are that we can publish your research work with high visibility. Your article can be available in Fulltext, PDF, e-Pub formats.

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