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We want to be the catalysts for new discoveries in medicine, neurosurgery and other fields of science that will help cure diseases and find new ways of sustainable living. en-us Haemoglobin D Iran With Beta Thalassemia in A Primigravida With Anaemia Arif Maqsood Ali*, Gule Rana Waseem and Shazia Arif August, 2019 Bone Density and Exercise Christina L Silva* August, 2019 The Conscious Internet: An Empirical Study of the Transmission of Healing Energy via E-mail Francesca McCartney* August, 2019 Haitian Epistemology, Phenomenological Structuralism, and Resolving the Binding and Hard Problems of Consciousness Paul C Mocombe* August, 2019 Finite Element Study of The Buckling of Cracked Thin Plates Repaired by Composite Laminate Under Compression Qiang Liu, Liankun Wang*, Jiong Zhang, Qiang Tang and Weidong Liu August, 2019 Punk, Fashion and Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism Paula Guerra* August, 2019 Adult Suicidal Behaviour of Native Psychiatric Inpatients: A Retrospective, Record-Based Study Saeed Shoja Shafti*, Alireza Memarie, Masomeh Rezaie and Masomeh Hamidi August, 2019 External Cortical Femoral Implant in a ThP a long term follow up of a Clinical Case Yves Cirotteau* August, 2019 Growth of Vertically Aligned InGaN Nanowires Fangliang Gao* August, 2019 The Role of Genetic Mutations in Genes TSC1 & TSC2 in Bourneville Syndrome Shahin Asadi*, Soheil Nemati Arzeloo and Mahsa Jamali August, 2019 Comparison of Drug and Non-Drug Treatment Options of Fibromyalgia Abdul Kader Mohiuddin* August, 2019 Risk Factors of Strabismus in Children in a Southern Nigerian Tertiary Hospital AA Onua* August, 2019 Utility-Based Dose-Finding in Practice: Some Empirical Contributions and Recommendations Jihane Aouni, Jean Noel Bacro, Gwladys Toulemonde and Bernard Sebastien August, 2019 Resilience and Uncertainty in Engineering Decisions Daniel A Vallero* August, 2019 A Modest Proposal: Field Monitoring and Measurements Education Vijaya KA Gopu, Ayman Okeil and Roger K Seals* August, 2019 Comparative Role of Paroxatine and Clomipramine on Anxiety in Mice Recovering from Stress Mfem CC, Nyoro IK and Seriki SA* August, 2019 Relationship Between Gut Microbial Health, Exercise, Race, and Hypertension: Updating Mechanistic Perspective Marc D Cook*, Mesha Guinyard, Lanna Anderson, Austin Robinson and TJ Exford August, 2019 Horticulture Development in India: Issues and Scenario of Space Technology Gouri Sankar Bhunia* August, 2019 Analysis on the Characteristics and Management Countermeasures of Truck Crashes on Zhejiang Expressways Li Zheng Ming*, Jiang Tian Yue, Zhu Jian Fang, Wang Rui and Zhao Lili August, 2019 Metronomic Chemotherapy in Metastatic Breast Cancer: a case report of 11 Patients Selma Sakhri* August, 2019 Isolated Sphenoid Sinus Mucocele Presented as Orbital Apex Syndrome Maryam Naser MD* August, 2019 Mange in an Adult Domestic Short Haired Cat-Case Report Ngetich Wyckliff* August, 2019 Malnutrition in Developing Countries, From Undernutrition to Obesity! Amar Al Shibli and Haydar Jawad Al Rufaye* August, 2019 The Cot-X Family of Distributions with Application Clement Boateng Ampadu* August, 2019 Scientific Feat of The Kuban Cossack Dunaev AV* August, 2019 Discrete Model of Three Interacting Pacemakers Taking into Account the Time of Refractoriness as Applied to The Activity of Cardiac Fibrillation Sergey Belyakin* and Sergey Shuteev August, 2019 The Participation of View in the Perception of Object with the Variation Share Losik George* August, 2019 Pattern Electroretinogram as an Objective Measure of Contrast Sensitivity in Diffractive Multifocal Intraocular Lenses Kenneth Lu* August, 2019 Understanding Dual Diagnosis: Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Jackson De Carvalho* and Darron Garner August, 2019 Inadvertent Sulfonylurea Overdose and treatment with Octreotide: A Case Report Kamran Khan, Sameed Qureshi* August, 2019 Visual Recovery After Decompression Surgery of Skull Base Meningioma: A Case Report Maryam Naser MD* August, 2019 Panic Disorder: Definitions, Contexts, Neural Correlates and Clinical Strategies Giulio Perrotta* August, 2019 Executive Functions: Definition; Contexts and Neuropsychological Profiles Dott Giulio Perrotta* August, 2019 Implementation of ISO 17025:2005 for the Accreditation of Kafr El-Sheikh Company’s Central Laboratory for Drinking water in Egypt Mohamed H Shaltout and Waseem A Gad* August, 2019 A True Comparison of Processed vs ‘Natural’ Sugars Danielle Bellmer* and William McGlynn August, 2019 The Impact of Food Consumption Pattern on Women’s Health at Sana’a Governorate, Yemen Muhammed AK Al Mansoob* and Muhammed SA Masood August, 2019 Tia Leading to the Diagnosis Amelanotic Metastatic Gastric Melanoma Shaheer Siddiqui, Tarun Jain, Zhenjian Cai and Scott Larson* August, 2019 Seismic Response of Concrete Components and Systems Reinforced with Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Bars: Trend and Challenges Ahmed Arafa* August, 2019 Congenital CMV Infection and Brain Pseudocysts Geethanath Ruppa Mohanram* and George Aaron August, 2019 Can the Rediscovering of the Child’s Heart Bring Long Term Health and the Willingness to Care for the Environment? James Reidy* August, 2019