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New Classification, Therapy. Causal Prophylaxis T Karski* March, 2020 Influence of whole Body Vibration Training on Strength Levels of Lower Limbsin Young Adults Carlos Soares Pernambuco*, Sergio Medeiros Pinto, Lucas Aleixo Dias da Costa and Juliana Costa Brandao March, 2020 The Use of a Palliative Care Screening Tool in the Intensive Care Unit Wendy H Hatchell* March, 2020 Narrative Based Medicine for Healthcare Professionals and Cancer Patients Valerio Ferro Allodola* March, 2020 An Analysis of the Current Situation of College Students’ Learning: Based on Survey Research Concerning the Need of Wuyi University to Increase College Students’ Obligations Chi Zhou*, George Zhuang and Wenbo Li March, 2020 A New Hope for Cancer Therapy with Liquid Knife & Immuno Therapy: UMIPIC Baofa Yu* March, 2020 Addiction and Psychology Robert F Kronick* March, 2020 Dizziness in A Patient with Airway Compromise and TMD: A Case Report Charles Blum* and Jeffrey A Mersky March, 2020 β -Blockers Simultaneous Nanoadsorption From Aqueous Solution Via Dispersive Solid-Phase Microextraction With1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Tetrachloroferrate Functionalized Graphene Oxide GO-(Bmim) Fecl4 Farid Abu Shammala* and Barry Chiswell March, 2020 Understanding the Time-Course of Nephrolithiasis Management Seth K Bechis* March, 2020 A Chen Type Generated Family of Distributions Clement Boateng Ampadu* March, 2020 Analysis of the Effects of the Acceptance and Use of the Mobile Internet Technology by the Elderly on Successful Aging Fahri ÖZSUNGUR* and Oya HAZER March, 2020 A Rational and Scientific Explanation for Metempsychosis Seun Ayoade* March, 2020 The Effect of Bupivacaine on Pain Relief After Lumbar Decompression Surgery Hamid Kayalha, Asghar Karbord*, Seyyed Mehran Molavi Shirazi, Seyyed Mohsen Hassani Barzi and Shahram Rastak March, 2020 Crossroad Imagination: The Thob Mediating Between Palestinian Material Culture and Gendered Activism Enaya Othman* March, 2020 The Adsorption Behavior of Copper Clusters on SiO2and TiO2 Surfaces: A Computational Study Shenna M Shearin*, Michael J Taft, Divi Venkateswarlu and Debasish Kuila March, 2020 Environmental Perception: Notes on Transdisciplinary Approach Valéria Marques*, Suzana Ursi, Edneusa Lima Silva and Geisly Katon March, 2020 The Response of Egyptian Spinach and Vegetable Amaranth Microgreens to Different Light Regimes Peter A.Y. 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George Dallam* and Carol Foust March, 2020