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Progenies of La Dibamba Germplasm Likeng Li Ngue Benoit Constant*, Ngalle Bille Hermine, Nsimi Mva Armand, Ntsomboh Ntsefong Godswill, Limala II Etienne Pacôme and Bell Joseph Martin January, 2020 Gynecological Presentations Following Supravaginal Hysterectomy for Benign Pathologies Shereen B Elbohoty, Ayman S Dawood* and Adel E Elgergawy January, 2020 Bilateral Coronary Artery to Pulmonary Artery Fistulae: A Very Rare Anomaly Jacob M Mathew* and Kartik Shatagopam January, 2020 Current Research and Developments for Civil Engineering in Germany Maximilian Schöberl*, Zhen Cai, Anne Fischer and Stephan Kessler January, 2020 Sphenoid Sinusitis Presenting as Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis in a Diabetic Patient Ali A Almomen*, Mohammed Al Eid, Abdullah Ayman Alshakhs, Mohammed Al Saeed, Njood Alaboud and Faissal A Al Habeeb January, 2020 Non-Motor Symptoms among Patients with Parkinson’s Disease: The Prevalence and its Effect on Quality of Life Lamiaa Hassnin Eita* January, 2020 Sonodynamic and Photodynamic Therapy in Advanced Pancreas Carcinoma - A Case Report Wenying Zhang, Kun Li, Lucy Qing Li*, Xiaohuai Wang, Xie Bo and Hong Xu January, 2020 Symbiont Bacteria of Mangrove Organic Waste as Consortium Bacteria, Cellulose Degrading Bacteria and Antibacterial Agent Delianis Pringgenies*, Ali Djenaedi, Rini Widiyadmi and Dafit Ariyanto January, 2020 Estimation of Surface Roughness of Aluminum Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites JO Hamed*, GI Agbaje, BA Olaniyi, IO Lawal and AB Falade January, 2020 Involuntary Tobacco Smoking during Sailing Across the Sea Thomas J Luger*, Josef Rieder and Markus F Luger January, 2020 Level of Participation of Women in Cowpea Production in Wammako Local Government Area of Sokoto State, Nigeria Salihu Abdullahi Abubakar, Abdulrahman Bello*, Binta Muhammed Manga, Maryam Bello Ali, Abdullahi Muazu and Dalha Magaji January, 2020 Coenzyme Q10 Concentrations in Perennial Rye Grass and White Clover Desmond P Leadon*, Kazunori Hosoe S, Clare Guyc and Warwick M Baylyd January, 2020 Adaptability and Performance Evaluation of Potato (Solanum Tuberosum L.) varieties under irrigation for Tuber Yield Abebe Chindi*, Kasaye Negash, Egata Shunka, Gebremedhin W/Giorgis, Tesfaye Abebe, Fikadu Gebretinsay, Niguse Abebe, Wasu Mohammed and Zerihun Kebede January, 2020 Overview of Buddhism and the Concept of Suffering Michele Riley Kramer* January, 2020 Fast Food Addiction: A Major Public Health Issue Abdul Kader Mohiuddin* January, 2020 Hepatitis B Reactivation: A Potentially Serious Complication of Chemotherapy for Solid Tumors Sandra Algaze, John Donovan and Irene Kang* January, 2020 Emotional Intelligence of Incarcerated Populations as Measured by The Rorschach Inkblot Technique Ashley Ginter*, Stephen E Berger, Bina Parekh and Albert Miranda January, 2020 Strategies for Personal, Organizational and Professional Leadership Success Bahaudin G Mujtaba1*, Frank J Cavico and Tipakorn Senathip January, 2020 Military Shooting Range Xenobiotic Bacteria Consortia in Situ Biodegradation, Kachia, Kaduna, Nigeria Ayodele A Otaiku* January, 2020 MicroRNA-126 (MiR-126): A Key Player in the Retina Sonali Nashine* January, 2020 Effectiveness of Dexmedetomidine as a Coadyuvant in Analgesia and Epidural Anesthesia in Hysterectomies Jaquelina Martínez Sotomayor Melero, Jesús Ricardo Canseco Nieto*, Hilda Alicia Llanes Garza and Nora Cecilia Cruz Rodríguez January, 2020 Approach to Hand Weakness from Clinical, Neurophysiological, Neuroradiological and Laboratory Data Asmaa Belal, Osama Ragab*, Heba Rafaat, Ehab Shawky, Tarek El-Gammal and Wael Fadel January, 2020 An Overview of Geotextiles: Industrial Application in Technical Textiles Redwanul Hasan* January, 2020 Enhancement of Microwave Absorption Property of Polymer Blend using MXene Pritom J Bora and Daniel Q Tan* January, 2020 New Marketing Strategies for the Millennials of the Korean Luxury Brand Market Jong Kuk Shin* and Ji Yeon Kang January, 2020 Invasive Fungal Rhinosinusitis in Pediatric Populations; a Tertiary Hospital Experience Ali A Al Momen*, Mohammed R Al Eid, Eman Almomen, Abdullah Alshakhs, Hassan Almomen and Mohammed Al Saeed January, 2020 Evaluation of a Topical Phenytoin on Gingival Wound Healing Mehdi Honarparvar* January, 2020 Modeling and Optimization of The Energy Bill Khaoula Amarray, Aziz Ettahir*, Kamal Kettani, Omar Bourass and Abdelaziz Chaouch January, 2020 Attention Deficits in Alcohol and Drug Use Behzad Saberi* January, 2020 Decreased Joint Pain Associated with Curcumin Use in a Controlled Study for Alzheimer’s Disease: A Serendipitous Observation John M Ringman, Greg M Cole and Sally Frautschy* January, 2020 Mutation induction, detection and breeding to resist viral and fungal diseases and thermal extremism for vegetables Dheya Yousif* January, 2020 Vitrification and its impact on oocyte structures. A review Alma López, Miguel Betancourt and Fahiel Casillas* January, 2020 Incidence of Acute Coronary Syndrome Between Men and Women: Integrative Review Kaiomakx Renato Assuncao Ribeiro*, Thales Antonio Martins Soares, Rachel Iglesias Teodoro dos Santos, Andre Rodrigues dos Santos, Lorena Suquyama Lelis, Widney de Castro Baiao, Daniella Valenca Daher, Edivalda Pereira de Abreu and Fernanda Alves Ferreira January, 2020 Where is the Family in designing Family Focused Interventions? Implications for Family Nursing Research and Practice in Critical Care Settings Frank Kiwanuka*, Sayed Shoaib Ghafari, Ali Mohammad Alokozay and Shah Jahan Shayan January, 2020 Perceptual Accuracy and Thought Complexity of a Correctional Population with the Wechsler IQ Test and the Rorschach Alberto Miranda*, Stephen E Berger, Bina Parekh and Ashley Ginter January, 2020 When the Perfect Environment is Not Enough for People Living with Dementia Dawn Wiggins* January, 2020 Neurodevelopment is Particular Vulnerable in Neonatal Male Rats Subjected to Maternal Separation Chunyao Yang*, Jing Sun and Changsheng Li January, 2020 Stretch and Physical Properties of Weft Stretch Denim Fabrics Containing Elastane and Filament Yarn Yusuf Daşan and Osman Babaarslan* January, 2020 A Brief Analysis of Recent Trends in Collaborative Robots Hyungjung Kim* January, 2020 Use of Hydrogels in Brain Applications Haider Butt* January, 2020