Open Access Research Article

Inclusive Education and Dignity of Children with Disability in Togo

Komi Mawouli GBEBE*

University of Bordeaux-France, University of Lome-Togo

Corresponding Author

Received Date: June 05, 2023;  Published Date: June 12, 2023


One of the most debated issues in the field of law, ethics and education concerns respect for the dignity and the educational and socio-professional inclusion of people with disabilities. This article presents the results of a study conducted in South Togo among students, parents and teachers. The contribution of inclusive education to the social inclusion of people with disabilities is the subject of this study. Anthropology applied to the field of education provides a relevant framework for capturing a dynamic vision of the human in connection with the principles of inclusive education. The ethnographic method serves as a tool and an approach for this study.

Keywords:Education; Inclusion; Ethics; Dignity; Togo

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