We know how valuable your work is and how important it is to share with colleagues, friends and family. We offer high quality reprints of your manuscripts published by us for a nominal fee.

Reprints of previously published work can be requested and before we send out the prints, the author receives an electronic proof, sent as an email for his approval. Post his consent, the reprints are made and released to the individual.

Benefits of reprints

  • These manuscripts can be used to circulate your work among your peers, family and other professionals who might benefit in their work through your work. It’s the perfect way for you to show them what you do, in all its glory.
  • Your reprint will bring more visibility to your published work and the publication’s reputation will stand as a reliable reference of your articles.
  • Manuscripts can get better, more constructive feedback by tracking readers and peers who have read your reprint and getting elicit feedback from them

Reprints will have the following information:

  • Title and type of article
  • Complete list of Authors
  • Name of the journal
  • Iris Publishing logo
  • Author’s copyright

The reprints are provided in high quality glossy paper of 21.0 x 29.7cm (A4) with 4-color advanced printing technique.

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