Open Access Research Article

Case Study on Identifying the Reasons for Inferior Quality of Education at the Primary Level, Village Hameed District Attock, Pakistan

Muhammad Usman*

College of Economics, Pakistan

Corresponding Author

Received Date: July 5, 2023;  Published Date: July 17, 2023


The aim of this study is to identify the reasons explaining the low quality of education in the public primary schools in UC-21 village Hameed, District Attock, Pakistan. The study is based on primary data which was collected through questionnaires. A total of 76 respondents were included in the sample comprising 40 students, 20 teachers, 10 parents, 4 head teachers and 2 education officers. The findings reveal that lack of human and material resources were the major reasons for the low quality of education. Based on the findings, key recommendations are suggested to improve the quality of education at the primary level, such as construction of new rooms and recruitment of new teachers. Further research is required to confirm if similar problems are pervasive in other rural schools of Pakistan.

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