IRIS we are deeply committed in building a community of researchers who regularly perform research destined to change the world. We offer four unique membership options, Student Membership, Individual Membership, Institutional membership, Corporate Membership for all the individuals, Researchers, Associate Professors, Professors, and research centers to support Open access in Scholarly Publishing.

We have also introduced various membership programs suited to your convenience.

Advantages of Membership Programs

  • Each of these membership options provide the benefits of submitting unlimited manuscripts within their membership duration.
  • IRIS members get priority treatment that ensures smooth peer-review and quick publication process.
  • These members will receive exclusive updates, news and information regularly through email.
  • Members can attend conferences and events organized at IRIS.

Types of Membership

Student Membership

  • Students working on their research projects can avail our Student Membership, which requires a brief statement from their supervisor, group leader or head of department, at the time of submission.
  • They can publish unlimited articles in any of our journals within a specified period.
  • Waivers are provided on registration charges for the conferences organized by IRIS.
  • He can be author or co author of the article he submits.
  • We will also provide membership Certificate.

Individual Membership

  • Individual membership is given to researchers, scholars, post-doctoral students and other individuals in the field of scientific research.
  • By becoming a member, they can publish unsolicited number of articles in any of our journals.
  • We will provide a prestigious Certificate of Annual Membership.
  • Waivers are provided on registration charges for the conferences organized by IRIS.

Institutional Membership

  • Research organisations, universities or Institutions are also granted membership so that they can take advantage of publishing articles in bulk of their university staff and students.
  • Membership certificate will be provided for the institution /society. The name & Logo of the society will be mentioned on the Home page of IRIS during the Membership Period.
  • The members of the society will be offered with Special waivers on the three international conferences organized by IRIS.
  • Special waivers are provided for the members of the institution/ University.

Corporate Membership

  • Corporate companies and firms can tie up with us to organise events so that both parties canprofit from cross-promotion.
  • The registered company will receive an esteemed certificate of membership from IRIS.
  • We will promote scientific events of the registered industry or corporation.
  • The registered companies can submit unlimited articles to any of our Journals.
Membership 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year
Student Membership $3,056 $5,491 $6,948
Individual Membership $5,293 $7,984 $9,296
Institutional Membership $8,059 $9,872 $11,253
Corporate Membership $8,579 $11,632 $13,060

To become a member, please submit a letter showing interest in one of our membership programs along with the online membership form, duly filled. All applications will be considered.

To apply for membership or to send membership related queries, drop us an e-mail at

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