Video Articles

It is said that videos are 5 times more engaging than text. That means videos are the best visual aid for learning. They create more engagement by making page long data look interesting and connected. By adding a video to support your manuscript, you’re essential ensuring more people will go through your work.

By giving our audience an engaging way to study important research in complete detail, we enhance their research capabilities by strengthening their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Our video articles consist of high-quality illustrations and detailed text protocols which facilitate scientific sharing and productivity. This includes novel techniques, innovative demonstration of existing techniques, and gold standard protocols in the physical and life sciences.

Around the world, researchers use our videos as a benchmark in learning and absorbing key concepts and fundamental techniques. These simple, easy-to-understand videos cover a wide range of STEM subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Psychology, Clinical Medicine and Engineering.

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