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Improving Productivity of Teaching Spoken English for Hospitality Management Major from AMBTM Perspective

Xiangchong Pan and Qinghui Wang*

College of Business Foreign Languages, Shanghai Business School, Shanghai, China

Corresponding Author

Received Date: June 06, 2023;  Published Date: June 15, 2023


It does matter to improve productivity of teaching Spoken English for Hospitality Management (SEHM) major to make students’ oral English proficiency meet their future employers’ requirements. But there are challenges in teaching SEHM in China now. Limited teaching hours and materials, obsolete teaching methods, and students’ poor general- English-speaking skills set obstacles for teachers to teach SEHM course in China. Besides, the students’ defective Spoken English skills hampered their career development [1]. To remove those obstacles and improve productivity of teaching SEHM, based on the learning theory of Constructivism, the author, taking assignments as core and mobile as a teaching tool, built Assignment & Mobile -based Teaching Model (AMBTM), to voluntarily teach the credit-tuition-fee-free-Oral-English for SBS (Shanghai Business School) students majoring in Hospitality Management (HM) in summer vacation, 2022. Taking a case study on this course, this paper illustrated how to build AMBTM teaching model, how to source AMBTM teaching materials, how to use this model to instruct students and assess students’ assignments. In addition, the paper, based on quantitative and qualitative analysis, tested the effectiveness of employing the model in teaching this summer course. The testing results proved the model not only improved productivity of teaching SEHM, but offered an optional way to help the poor students who cannot afford computers and internet to join in the online class as their peers do. Furthermore, the model can be duplicated and promoted to improve teaching efficiency and contribute to educational equality in other countries.

Keywords:Assignment & Mobile-based- Teaching-Model; Teaching productivity; Spoken english; Hospitality management; Student-centered learning; Educational equality

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