Financial Support


For authors who can't pay publication fees, we provide grants. However, applicants must send in a Cover Letter requesting our editorial manager for a grant prior to submission.


Scholarships are awarded to exceptional researchers to encourage their continued research and publication with us. We also hold conferences where they can present this work. These scholarships are given to selected authors, recommended bye editorial members, based on the importance of their citation and how informative it is. This is done to recognize and promote excellence in scientific research and to encourage more students to flourish in their field of work.

Waiver Policy

For scientific authors who don’t have access to university funding or no financial support to publish their work, we offer conditional waivers. The extent of the waiver, i.e. full or partial, varies from case-to-case depending on several factors. However, waivers are only considered if the request is placed before the manuscript is submitted for consideration.

Authors who want to avail waivers must provide the below information:

  • Title of the manuscript
  • Manuscript Type: Research Article/ Short Communication/ Review Article/ Editorial etc.
  • Name of corresponding author
  • Affiliations of corresponding author
  • Type of waiver requested: Partial/Full
  • Explanatory reasons for waiver request
  • Explanation about how the research is funded

Criteria: Authors must produce a certificate from an authorized person of their university to avail this waiver.

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