Publication Ethics

At Iris publishers, we value the integrity with which authors go beyond the realm of human imagination to find new discoveries and possibilities. To honour this dedication we have ensure to support authors by laying down certain best practices in publishing that we emphasis our team to follow. We want the outcome of integrity meeting integrity to be compounding source of factual information that will help the world become a better place. To fuel this honest work, we follow the guidelines set by COPE’s Best Practices Guide to ensure authors, reviewers, editors and our very own staff uphold the publishing standards set for this journal.

Publication Guidelines for Authors

  • Authors should ensure that the manuscript they’ve submitted to us should be under review anywhere else. Only unique and original works of research will be accepted at IRIS.
  • A manuscript may not be broken in to parts and stretched for information and submitted to more than one journal for review.
  • Conflicts of interest must be duly acknowledged.
  • Funding received for submitted manuscripts should also be clearly acknowledged.
  • Attach a cover letter along with the manuscript that details the names of the author and co-authors.
  • Compliance with all ethical standards (national and institutional) of human experimentation must be clearly documented in cases where the manuscript focuses on reporting on experiments done on human subjects.

Publication Guidelines for Editors

  • Should maintain the decorum set by the publisher for the journal and ensure that the integrity of the work submitted matches the guideline set by the journal.
  • Ensure that only premium, original and factual content is submitted to the journal for review.
  • Maintain confidentiality about the research work under review by the team for publication on the journal and never disclose any information before it’s published.
  • Should not use any information from manuscripts under review for personal gain.
  • Should be willing to publish retractions, corrections and erratum when needed.

Publication Guidelines for Reviewer

  • Have to fair and review manuscripts solely on the basis of credibility of the subject. No partiality will be tolerated.
  • The author has the right to all the information published in his manuscript. Reviewers are not allowed to divulge or use that information for personal gain.
  • Uphold utmost confidentiality through the peer-review process
  • If the reviewer feels that a manuscript’s subject does not fit within the scope of the journal, they may intimate the editorial office to take further action.

Publication Ethics for Publishers

  • To create and update plagiarism policies to stop unethical work submission
  • To not discriminate been authors and evaluate work purely on the basis of its subject
  • To handle conflicts of interest wisely and with discretion

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