Aron D Rovner

New York Spine and Sports Surgery PLLC, USA

The Journal of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is an excellent journal giving incite into the field or orthopedic surgery. Each publication gives pertinent and valuable information in a timely and efficient manner. The articles have been educational and valuable in my own practice. I particularly like that the editorial board comes from a diverse international background. Furthermore, the website is easy to peruse and well organized. It has been a great honor to take part in this team. It is an honor to be a member of the editorial board of this esteemed journal. I highly recommend this journal to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of orthopedic surgery within the global community.

Amani E Khalifa

Ain Shams University, Egypt

I just wanted to share a quick note to let researchers know that Advances in Cancer Research & Clinical Imaging is a respectable journal. It will always be a pleasure for me to participate in its activities as a Board Member. ACRCI website is fast, simple, well updated and managed. The Editorial Management Office is well experienced trying to approve the best possible research work for publication. It is also to be noted that their efforts for improvement are respected.

Hussien Rabee

Countess of Chester Hospital, UK

Archives in Neurology & Neuroscience editorial team demonstrated a state of art in terms of prompt response and professional management of publication process. They are always showing how ready they are to accommodate the required changes. of The peer review did support the manuscript and recommendation were positive and constructive. I am very glad to have this pleasant experience and keen to persuade others to go through it.

Maher Shaira

Institut national des sciences appliquees de Lyon, France

Global Journal of Engineering Sciences is a high quality journal that broad different fields of engineering science, with its great team, the publication procedure may take few time with high rigorous scientific quality.

Yunhong Jiang

University of BATH, UK

It is always a pleasure to receive the Journal, especially since it is exceptional in many special features. The homogeneous layout, which presents the individual articles as a contained unity and finally the level of the articles themselves. Im very impressed with this journal and am proud to be associated with it.

Erivelton Geraldo Nepomuceno

Federal University of Sao Joao del-Rei, Brazil

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you Global Journal of Engineering Sciences (GJES) presents all necessary conditions to become a prestigious journal. The international editorial board and a qualified staff guarantees a fair and fast review process. The website is well organized and submission system is very easy to follow. It has been a great honor to take part in this team.

Shady Ahmed Moussa Aly

General Dental Clinics of Primary Health Care Corporation, Qatar

I were truly pleased to publish our article in Online Journal of Dentistry & Oral Health The entire process, from submission to publication, was very smooth and fast, while the editorial staff was extremely helpful, professional and efficient. This exciting journal will undoubtedly become one of the key journals in the field and we would be more than happy to publish in dentistry in the future.

Lamiaa Mahmoud Moharam

National Research Centre, Egypt

Iam really glad for being a reviewer of OJDOH, I hope more and more progress for the journal which i totally support as much as I can. The variation of the submitted articles is undoubtedly obvious, not mentioning the good quality of most of them. I really like the kind and appreciating way upon asking to review a submitted article, it is always welcoming and understanding. I really hope the best for the journal.

Jiujiang Zhu

Beaumont Health System, China

Im glad to see that first issue of the journal has been successful released, and the journal is continue receiving valuable submission for ongoing issues. It is great that the journal has attracted high quality manuscripts from the world. I like the peer review system of the journal, the suggestion from reviewers can significantly improve the quality of articles published in the journal.

Ayad Tareq Imam

Al-Isra University, Jordan

By looking at the latest two issues of GJES, Im really impressed with the high quality of their contents and editing. This makes me proud to be associated with this journal and for sure I will recommend it to my colleagues.

Photios Anninos

Democritus University of Thrace, Greece

I was very pleased reading about the quality of your journal and I will be happy to recommend it to scientists for publication.

Manuel Ojea

University of Vigo, Spain

Open Access Journal of Addiction and Psychology, constitutes a scientific Journal in scope of Psychology and Education, which meets the requirements to raise level of social impact as scientific publications since divulgation of scientific works conform to accreditation requirements: 1. Meets criteria for peer review, highly specialized, anonymous and objectively. 2. It conforms to highly rigorous criteria of scientific method previously indicated. 3. Its based about structural standards in relation with APA standards 6th Edition. 4. The diffusion is international. 5. Its developed in free access format. It also keeps a transcendent and extraordinary function in scientific-social field, so helping innovations in diagnosis and intervention area in psycho-psychiatric disorders, as well as, to improving the life quality of groups of special vulnerability: people with disabilities, minorities at risk of exclusion social, people with additions, bulling, gender violence, etc.

Nilson Nogueira Mendes Neto

Onofre Lopes University Hospital, Brazil

The Open Access Journal of Addiction and Psychology represents a new perspective of medical literature in this field. It has provided great papers which help clinicians around the world to better manager their patients. Im glad to be a part of this journal.

Shirish Sachdeva

Doctors United Inc, USA

In modern day medical publication the most important issue is turned around time for article publication post submission. Journal of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine has great team of manuscript reviewers, and other staff members, who reduce this time to its possible minimal. It is a great pleasure to serve on the editorial board of the Journal of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

Gundu HR Rao

University of Minnesota, USA

The review and publication process of manuscript communicated to the Global journal of Nutrition and Food Science, is well organized and handled by eminent reviewers, in a timely manner, in coordination with high quality professionals team of the journal. Online publication of the manuscript is very fast following the review of the proofs. As a contributor for this esteemed journal, I will definitely prefer this journal again and again for publications of my editorials, points of view, mini reviews, opinions and commentaries.

Yun Hong

University of Leeds, UK

I am really impressed by the quality and out-lay of this journal. It is always a pleasure to receive the Journal, especially since it is exceptional in many special features. The homogeneous layout, which presents the individual articles as a contained unity and finally the level of the articles themselves. I am very impressed with this journal, and am proud to be associated with it.

Attapon Cheepsattayakorn

Ministry of Public Health, Thailand

As an Editor of the Journal Advances in Cancer Research and Clinical Imaging, I am very proud and honored to announce that this growing up Journal publishes articles in its commendable and excellent platform. I have been impressed with the excellent professionalism on constructive editorial work and quick turnaround time for all submitted manuscript publications. I proudly and strongly recommend this Journal to my colleagues. I strongly wish this Journal to be continuously cited in the excellent world databases, such as PubMed, Medline, Index Medicus, Scopus, EMBASE, etc. in the near future. I would like to truly express my thanks to the Editorial Board Members and the Editorial Office Staff of the Journal Advances in Cancer Research and Clinical Imaging.

Hilda Aboagyewaa Agyekum

University of Ghana, Ghana

I would like to recommend Archives in Neurology and Neuroscience to every author interest in publishing along their scope. The journal is prompt in their reviewing and publishing process. Their exceptional hospitability services is something every author should experience.

Arda Aydin

Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey

I would like to say that I am very satisfied with the team of Archives of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science Journal. I believe that AAHDS will be one of the leading journals about Animal Science and Technology in a shorter period. I am very happy to being one of your Editors and I hope that we will cooperate in the future to provide a great service to the whole animal scientist, researchers and farmers. I also strongly recommend AAHDS to the whole scientists of Animal Science due to the professionalism of the team and the fast publication process of journal.

Ivana Salopek Cubric

University of Zagreb, Crotia

The review process in the Journal of Textile Science & Fashion Technology is well organized and handled in a timely manner. I mostly contacted with Managing Editor and I must say that every time she answered very quickly and precisely. I do not find any critical comment related to the Journal regarding my role.

Alain L Fymat

International Institute of Medicine and Science, USA

Out of the available open access Journals with primary interest in clinical case studies, I have agreed to initially review some of the submissions to Archives of Clinical Case Studies (ACCS). I was impressed by the thoroughness of their review process, the quality of the papers published, the timeliness of their publishing process, and the attention and professionalism shown by its editorial management and staff. Since then, I have continued to review their other submissions. I encourage my clinical colleagues to also seriously consider submitting their work to ACCS.

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