Open Access

What does Open Access mean?

Open Access is free online research made available by journals like us by not charging any fees on content submitted by academic authors. All you need is internet and a device to access this content, without any restrictions, registrations etc.

How open is our ‘Open Access’ policy really?

At IRIS, our content is moderated through the peer-review system, where we thoroughly check the credentials of the author and the content shared with us before we publish it. But once it’s up there, it’s available for everyone to see. We do not ask for registrations, or charge any fees to exchange information from our journals.

How does this help you?

  • It’s a free learning platform where scholars can learn about past research that might help advance their current research or use past research for new developments in the same field.
  • Since experts vet the content, students and research professionals are rest assured that the ‘free’ content their accessing is indeed of premium quality and not fake or made up in any way.
  • This content can be freely circulated, cut-pasted and shared with colleagues anywhere in the world.
  • With the addition of comments, discussion forums etc., authors now have the option to receive important feedback from the scientific community and further improve the quality of their research.

Come be a part of this scientific community, grow and learn with us. Submit your research paper with us to reach wider audience.

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