Author Guidelines

We invite authors from around the world and from all fields in science to publish their work with us to reach a larger, more relevant audience. Our submissions go through rigorous peer reviews and quality checks.

At Iris, we appreciate work from a varied range of scientific research and believe in publishing high quality, original content. Preference is given to work that is well-articulated and presented in interesting ways that readers can relate to.

Research articles from major scientific fields are also welcome. These papers are expected to include findings, present evidence and explain the methodology used to achieve the final conclusion.

Rules for submission

Only original, genuine content is accepted at Iris Publishing. Manuscript must come attached with a cover letter from the author, including names of the co-authors (if any). All manuscripts must be properly cited.

Plagiarism Policy

At Iris Publishing, we have a strict policy against work that is not original and ensure that all research work shared with us is authentic by various means necessary. Our peer-review system and plagiarism tests are based on the following policies:

  • We only accept original content from authors, which means that their work should not be under review by other publications.
  • We have a set of guidelines and templates for all authors to follow while creating and submitting their manuscripts.
  • Uniqueness is key to acceptance at IRIS. Any work that has less than 75% originality will be rejected.

Processing Fee

Iris publishes content in an open access format, in which readers can access all information on our journals for free, unlimitedly.

However in order to cover our handling, processing and production expenses, a nominal processing fee called Article Processing Charges (APC) is charged on every accepted submission made to Iris by authors and institutes looking for a platform to share their work with the world. This fee also accommodates efforts put into tasks such as editing, proofreading, quality check, web maintenance, plagiarism check and much more. APC may vary based on the type of manuscript and the place where it’s being processed.

Country Others Opinion (OP) Short Communication (SC) Mini Review (MRW) Case Report (CR) Review (RW) Research (RA)
High Income Countries $424 $582 $565 $633 $799 $822 $1180
Middle Income Countries $375 $411 $472 $514 $616 $764 $989
Low Income Countries $299 $318 $363 $408 $462 $565 $749

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