Iris Journal of Astronomy and Satellite Communications (IJASC) publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research across a range of specialties including space sciences and extragalactic astronomy in all wavelengths and it is an exciting and rapidly developing area of study that involves the exploration and understanding of the universe beyond our planet, as well as the technology and infrastructure used to communicate with satellites orbiting the Earth. Astronomy encompasses the study of everything in the universe, from the tiniest subatomic particles to the largest structures known to exist. Satellite communications, on the other hand, involves the use of artificial satellites orbiting the Earth to provide various services such as telecommunications, broadcasting, and navigation. Overall, the field of astronomy and satellite communications is a fascinating and dynamic area of study that has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the universe and our ability to communicate with each other. Continued research and development in this field will be crucial for advancing our knowledge and improving our ability to explore and interact with the cosmos. Iris Journal of Astronomy and Satellite Communications accepts Research Articles, Review Articles, Mini-review, Case Reports, Opinion, Letters to the Editor, Editorials, Short Communications, and Commentary papers.

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