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Proceedings of the International Symposium on Archaeometry 2020/22 (Lisbon, Portugal)

The International Symposium on Archaeometry (ISA) is a biennial meeting organized to promote the development and use of scientific techniques in archaeological research. It is a unique symposium providing the only international forum for individual and integrated activities in all fields of the archaeological sciences, with a very high graduate student presence. The beginning of the symposium can be traced as early as to the 1960s, at the very start of the more systematic application of natural sciences in archaeology. During the early years the symposium was organized at the University of Oxford, and the main focus of the meetings was on geophysical methods in archaeological prospecting. Since 1976 ISA has travelled all over the World and the topics presented include research in scientific dating, geophysical methods, biomolecular and biomaterials research, paleoenvironmental and landscape reconstruction and the study of a range of material culture from stone and lithics over ceramic, vitreous materials and metals to pigments, textile, paper and many more…

The 43rd Symposium was organized in Lisbon (Portugal) by M. Isabel Dias and her team of the Center for Nuclear Sciences and Technologies (C²TN) and the department of Nuclear Sciences and Engineering (DECN) of the Instituto Superior Técnico at Lisbon University. While the original date was foreseen in 2020, the global pandemic prohibited any travel, and as the Standing Committee preferred to keep the meeting in person, the meeting was postponed to 2021. As also that year the pandemic raged, the meeting was eventually organized in a hybrid format from 16 to 20 May 2022. Eventually, over 300 scholars from over 40 countries attended either in person or online; around a third of the participants were graduate students.

The subjects covered in this meeting were grouped in the following regular and special sessions, in which both oral and poster papers were presented:

  • Remote Sensing, Geophysical Prospection and Field Archaeology
  • Archaeochronometry
  • Biological materials and Bioarchaeology
  • Technology/provenance: Stone, Pigments and Plaster
  • Technology/provenance: Ceramic, Vitreous Materials and Glass
  • Technology/provenance: Metals
  • Human-Environment Interactions
  • Special Theme Session: Nuclear and Radioactive-based Techniques in Cultural Heritage

All participants presenting at the ISA were offered to publish their paper in OAJAA, leading to the publication of the Proceedings presented here. All papers submitted went through an independent peer review process, guided by the members of the Standing Committee, and are offered in Gold Open Access form, subsidized by the ISA organization.

Sincere thanks for producing this volume are thus due to the many referees of the individual papers, the associate editors organizing the review process (Luis Barba, Patrick Degryse, M. Isabel Dias, Yannis Maniatis, Josefina Perez Arantegui, Robert Tykot, Marc Walton and Nikos Zacharias) and the members of the ISA20/22 local organizing committee and the ISA Standing Committee.

Patrick Degryse, Chair of the Standing Committee of ISA

Yannis Maniatis, ISA President

43rd International Symposium on Archaeometry (Lisbon 18-22 May 2022)

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