Current Issue

Current Issue

Volume 3 - Issue 4

  • Review Article AJGH

    Bacterial Super growth Treatment of Small Intestine: Systematic Review

    Sander BQ*, Mendes RA, Boechat. JBB, Dornellas IPD, Nunes RM, Jezini TC, Silva IFN, Rodrigues TA, Jerônimo DC, Costa RV, Silva GB, Oliveira ASB, Miglio DRR, Moura MDJ, Silva IFN, Palma LGR, Barcellos HB, Barbosa ERA, Daud, Sander HA, BJD, Batista MA, Mucare M, Pereira CRT, Pires CAC, Weiss EP, Castro CHR and Espirito Santo BCC

    Published: July, 2023

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