Iris Online Journal of Arts and Social Sciences (IOJASS) is a peer-reviewed open access publication that publishes research in all fields of the arts and social sciences and is accessible to the public. The goal of the peer-reviewing procedure is to make sure that the submitted papers adhere to the standards for all types of articles. By adhering to a strict peer-review procedure, we maintain the highest standards in science and this flexibility is being offered to ensure that the earliest authors contributions are credible, and it will also ensure that research findings are disseminated promptly for effective integration, translation, and decreased redundancy. The journals accept submissions in any of the fields that fall under the journals scope, with the goal of publishing high-quality papers and fostering scholarly debate across a wide range of arts and social sciences topics. Any submission that presents research that is useful and scientifically accurate will be taken into consideration for publication. Case studies, methodological articles, empirical studies, theoretical articles, and literature reviews, opinions, editorial pieces, critical discourse on traditional, contemporary are all welcome. We encourage research that spans multiple disciplines, as well as experimental, novel, and negative findings, replication studies, and other kinds of research. The reliability and scientific and methodological validity of each submission will be taken into consideration. All articles will be immediately and permanently available for authors and readers to read, download, cite, and share because the journal is open access. As a result, the editors, management, editorial assistants, and editing and quality assurance team at IOAJSS Journals are under a lot of pressure to produce high-quality work for the growing number of publications.

Solicitation Notice
Iris publisher will launch the Dictionary of Contemporary World's Famous Humanities Scholars Project. IOJASS solicits contributions from global humanities scholars, with the title of “the academic thoughts of so-and-so,” which requires about 2500 words (500 words of resume, 1500 words of the most important concepts, theories or methods proposed, and 500 words of representative work). The accepted scholars will become candidates for the “Dictionary of Contemporary World Famous Humanities Scholars.”

Terms and Conditions
1. IOJASS is responsible for the recommendation of dictionary candidates.
2. Any scholar can recommend himself or others as dictionary candidates
3. The photo of the recommended person should be published together with the paper.
4. The paper type is "Dictionary of Contemporary World's Famous Humanities Scholars".

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