Open Access Mini Review

State-Of-The-Art Ultrasound in the Management of the Infertile Couple

Tara Giacchino*, Rebecca Karkia and Hasib Ahmed

Institute of Medical Sciences, Canterbury Christ Church University, United Kingdom

Corresponding Author

Received Date: October 19, 2020;  Published Date: November 10, 2020


Ultrasound is vital tool for imaging women and men with infertility as it is inexpensive, accessible and non-invasive, providing crucial information to allow quick diagnosis. It also helps to facilitate an interactive discussion with the patient where findings can instantly be seen and acted upon. Additionally, US is indispensable for assisting IVF and ICSI treatment especially with the introduction of 3D technology ensuring the best quality oocytes are used to strive for the best outcomes. The diagnosis and treatment of infertility can be extremely distressing for patients and we must ensure we provide the highest level of care with the use of US playing a key role in management. Furthermore, all contemporary trainees aspiring for a career in reproductive medicine should be trained and competent in advanced ultrasound.

Keywords: Female infertility; Male infertility; Ultrasound; 3D imaging; Ovarian reserve; Assisted reproductive technology; Oocyte quality; Oocyte retrieval; Embryo implantation; Embryo transfer

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