Open Access Mini Review

Raman Fluorescent Technologies in Stomatology

Aleskandrov MT*, Nikiforova ED Ahmetov Ali Asker, Artemova OA, Razumova SN and Namiot ED

Russian Ministry of Health, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: June 29, 2019;  Published Date: July 11, 2019


An experimental theoretical substantiation and hardware and software application of Raman-fluorescent medical technologies in dentistry are presented. Highly sensitive and highly specific express methods for diagnosing caries, the degree of demineralization of hard tooth tissues, specific indication of microbes and rapid determination of their sensitivity to drugs, verification of drugs and narcotic substances, express diagnosis of benign and malignant tumors are proposed. A wide range of clinical and diagnostic capabilities of the method and the proposed domestic hardwaresoftware complex of Raman-fluorescent diagnostics is recommended for clinical use.

Keywords: Raman fluorescent diagnostics; Hardware software complex; Caries; Raman line; Hydroxyl appatite tooth tissue; Raman spectra of microbes; drugs; Alcohols; Narcotic drugs; Raman fluorescence tumors

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