Open Access Research Article

Renewable Energy in Architecture “Used Techniques to Achieve Green Net Zero Energy Buildings”

Ashraf A Gaafar*

Permanent Faculty, Assistant Professor of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Shoubra, Banha University, Egypt

Corresponding Author

Received Date: August 20, 2021;  Published Date: September 14, 2021


There are various negatives to use non-renewable energy resources, it consumes the exhaustible resources, as well as their use produces emissions that affect and pollute the environment and cause major changes in global climate. On the global level, we find the construction field is a key consumer of energy and natural resources, therefore, its participation is essential to achieve the sustainable development. The buildings and constructions are mainly responsible for the gas emissions that cause the global warming. Therefore, the importance of keeping and saving the energy, to keep resources from running out and reduce CO2 emissions which cause the global warming. The research reviews current techniques in addressing energy problems in buildings. The research consists of three parts; Part one reviews the concept of new and renewable energy in general, the second part reviews the concept of new and renewable energy in buildings, and then we end with the third part which reviews successful case studies that have been built in the world, studying and analysing the examples, and studying technologies and methods of reducing energy consumption and production to achieve green net Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB).

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