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The Dynamics of Qiaoxiang Spatial Cultural Resources Integration - Taking Jiangmen City as an Example

Tian Yang1 and Le Gao2*

1Guangdong Qiaoxiang Culture Research Center, Wuyi University, China

2Department of Intelligent Manufacturing, Wuyi University, China

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 15, 2021;  Published Date: January 25, 2021


This paper starting from the overseas Chinese building complex in Jiangmen -- 33 Market Street and Changdi Historic Street to approach the topic with the cultural resources in the hometown of overseas Chinese (Qiaoxiang). By exploring the past and future of Qiaoxiang resources in the form of overseas Chinese architecture, this paper tries to outline the cultural spiritual value of overseas Chinese life aesthetics in the context of globalization, based on the practice and dynamic value of cultural resources beyond the geographical material space generated by the dual function of traditional local values and western culture. It reveals the traditional concept, geographical concept and realistic intention of the people behind the overseas Chinese architecture in the specific historical background. As a dynamic cultural symbol, Qiaoxiang is not recognized by people through the architecture of overseas Chinese but sublimates the whole hometown resources into a whole cultural symbol of Qiaoxiang.

Keywords:Cultural resources; Space; Folklorism; Cultural memory

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