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Influence of Green Terraces in Evaluating the Action of Wind on Buildings

Isopescu Dorina Nicolina*, Maxineasa Sebastian George and Baciu Ioana Roxana

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services, “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of lasi, Nr. 1, 700050, Romania

Corresponding Author

Received Date: August 30, 2021;  Published Date: September 08, 2021


The development of the construction sector, as a result of the special emphasis of recent years in the implementation of the principles of sustainability, has included various directions: from structural certification of environmentally friendly materials in terms of their durability and carbon dioxide emissions, and the innovation of building systems respecting the energy efficiency principles requirements, until to the innovation of the shape and volume concepts of buildings. All over the world there are recognized examples of nature-friendly architecture. The complexity of sustainable development in construction is increasingly becoming cross-cutting research, which covers the integrated techniques of materials science, building physics, with the circular economy, and with plant science. This challenge offers new opportunities for buildings to become less polluting and more resistant to climate change.

Green buildings, in fact, green roofs and facades, help to create viable and sustainable built spaces. The benefits are much more than the structural or environmental protection, green structural components in buildings can contribute to the well-being of occupants, such as noise reduction, and can improve indoor air quality.

This article examines the importance of green roofs in sustainable buildings and their effect on the strength and stability of buildings against wind action, based on design regulation in force. In addition to the general presentation of the literature, several recent applications of greenery in projects are presented, to illustrate the architectural added value.

Keywords:Green terrace; Wind actions; Sustainability; Building stability; Building durability

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