Open Access Research Article

Efficient 2nd Order Taylor Series Expansion Model to Integrate Stiff and Non-Linear ODEs: Comparison to Rk45-Type Integrators

Ridha Djebali*

University of Jendouba, ISLAIB, Env. Boulevard, PO Box 340 Beja 9000, Tunisia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: November 12, 2020;  Published Date: December 02, 2020


A Taylor Series Expansion (TaSE) and three Runge-Kutta RK45 embedded pairs numerical integrators of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) are developed. The TaSE model is designed to solve higher order (>1) ODEs. Validation of TaSE was carried out by help of the RK45 models as well as exact solution for well-chosen stiff test cases. The model implementation and its local and global order of accuracy are investigated.

Keywords and Phrases: Taylor Series Expansion model; RK45 integrators; ODEs; Accuracy; Stiffness; Validation

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