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Experimental Verification of the Mechanical State Equation Adequacy for Description of the Creep of Some Polymer Materials under Non-stationary Modes of Static and Cyclic Loading in Plain Stress

Leonid Ogorodov1, Sergey Krasikov2, Inna Nikolaeva3*

1,3St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Polytechnicheskaya Str. 29, St. Petersburg, Russia

2CJSC Vologda Timber Chemical Plant, Rosin station, Vologda, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: June 20, 2022;  Published Date: July 05, 2022


The equation of mechanical condition for the description of deformation of polymer and polymer composite materials under complex modes of long static and cyclic loading in condition of the plain stress state is developed. The experimental data show its efficiency. The means of accounting the influence of natural aging and the damage accumulation data of a material are suggested. The opportunity of using of a simplified variants of the equation is shown.

Keywords: Creep; Polymer materials; Mechanical state equation; Complex modes of loading; Experimental test

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