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Open Access Research Article

Curtainwalls’ Resistance of Building Movements including Seismic Effects

Peter Lalas*

Janus Facades Pty Ltd, Sydney Australia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: June 24, 2022;  Published Date: July 12, 2022


A curtain wall is a building cladding system, made of contiguous elements, which envelopes the building structure on which it hangs like a curtain and excludes wind and weather, at the same time including the conditioned internal environment. A curtain wall absorbs building movements and resists no building loads. The manner in which a curtainwall absorbs building movements and remains weatherproof is a matter of determined design, proven by performance testing and years of satisfactory in-service performance. The writer’s curtainwall experience comes from Australia which has typically been seismically stable for recorded history, New Zealand which has been seismically active for the same time and other parts of Asia. This paper shows that it is possible to design a curtainwall with whatever movements are written into the curtainwall specification.

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