Open Access Research Article

Application Review of Machine Vision (MV) Technology in Construction Industry

Chan YL*, Cheung LC, Zheng L and Fok HY

Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Corresponding Author

Received Date: February 16, 2020;  Published Date: March 03, 2020


This research did review the performance of the new generation MV technology base on practical experience during Jan 2020 and Suggestion of the ability of application of new generation MV technology on construction industry.

Keywords:Machine Vision (MV); BIM; Construction; Heritage; Performance review


Machine Vision (MV) technology is not a new invention and was at least applied to the manufacturing industry since 1980s [1], With the aid of method like Inline coherent imaging [2], Visible light imaging, sonic, magnificent detection, real-world objects can be captured and transfer into digital numerical data for computer analysis [3]. And during the popularize of technology, together Complementing with the development of BIM and quality control of the construction industry, more try on applying MV on the construction process was made, for example applying Laser-Based Vision System for Weld Quality Inspection [4]. But from the industry experience, these methods were not frequently used according to its cost in special techniques, development resources or selling price of package service. Alert that the rise of care on re-construction, renewal, maintenance and quality control, the application of MV technology should be developed to provide handy, fast and accurate performance especially for those may use in in-situ situation. Thus, two media-based equipment/software, ‘Display land’ from Ubiquity6 Inc. and “Structure Sensor 3D Scanner” from Occipital, Inc. , was tested in this article for understanding the ability of applying relatively handy MV technology for construction industry.

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