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Open Access Review Article

Pathophysiologic Mechanisms of Computer Vision Syndrome and its Prevention: Review

Abiy Maru Alemayehu1* and Mogess Maru Alemayehu 2

1Department of Optometry, University of Gondar, Ethiopia

2Department of paraclinical studies, University of Gondar, Ethiopia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: October 21, 2019;  Published Date: November 12, 2019


Nowadays, a computer is used at home, institution and everywhere which results in different ocular and non- ocular symptoms. These include asthenopia, blurred vision, double vision, neck pain, back pain and headache to mention some, which is known as computer vision syndrome. In this report, different kinds of literature were reviewed which shows the pathophysiologic process underlining computer vision syndrome and its management options.

From the pathophysiologic point of view, vision related, ocular surface related, and digital screen related conditions are responsible for the development of computer vision syndrome. Since the causes of computer vision syndrome are multiple, a combination of different treatment modality is needed. It includes refractive error correction, dry eye treatment, good ergonomic practice and others. Explaining the pathophysiologic mechanism of computer vision syndrome and the treatment options will help clinicians to manage computer vision syndrome accordingly.

Keywords: Computer vision syndrome; Dry eye; Blink rate; Digital eyestrain; video display terminals; Gondar

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