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Review on the Production and Marketing of Banana in Ethiopia

Zinabu Ambisa*, Bikila Tesfa, Temsgen Olani and Diriba Abdeta

Department of Agricultural Economics , Bedelle college of Agriculture and forestry, Ethiopia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: March 25, 2019;  Published Date: April 22, 2019


The review was mainly focused on to review the production and marketing of banana in Ethiopia. Specifically aims to review the overall status of banana production, banana marketing and its constraints in the Ethiopia. Dessert banana and plantain (Musa sp.) are the fourth most important staple food crops in the world after rice, wheat and maize. Currently banana in Ethiopia covers about 59.64% (53,956.13 hectares) of the total fruit area, about 68% (478,251.04 ton) of the total fruit produced, and about 38.3% (2,574.035) of the total fruit producing farmers. On the other hand, about 68.72% (37,076.83 hectares) of land covered by banana, about 77.52% (370,784.17 ton) of the banana production, and 22.38% (1,504,207) of the banana producers in Ethiopia are found in the Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Regional State (SNNPRS). Hence as we have reviewed several researches conducted by several authors are concentrated in the southwestern part of the country in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State (SNNP) and Oromia Regional States this is due to the authors select this area purposively depending on productions potential. So that it’s better if researches are conducted on other part of the country. And also, several researches are conducted on banana marketing but not on production, again its better if researcher include its production in their thesis.

Keywords: Banana; Constraint; Marketing; Production

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