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Use of Cognitive Smart Robots with Technological Thinking and Behavior in Social Sphere

Evgeniy Bryndin*

Department of Scientific, Research center “Estestvoinformatika”, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: December 21, 2018;  Published Date: May 23, 2019


Now in the world in many spheres of activity Russian, European, Japanese, Chinese, American smart robots are used. Development of technologies conducts to the fact that new robots appear. Create robots and train them for work in the social sphere. Robots can find environmental pollution, fire-dangerous situations and successfully prevent them. A few years ago there were also mobile robots able to be guided in space.

Keywords: Imitative thinking and behavior; Cognitive professional robot

Robot with Technological Thinking and Behavior on Service of Society

Robots become independent subjects of social environment [1-7]:

1. Robot of the informant and the smart guide for mass actions, in the smart cities, in the conditions of space and big shops (Figure 1).


2. Smart robotic café and drugstores (Figure 2).


Consultant, lecturer and teacher (Figure 3).


4. Nurse in hospitals (Figure 4).


5. Smart robot vacuum cleaner (Figure 5).


6. Robot-Android volunteer ASIMO (Figure 6).


7. Mobile robot security guard Atlas (Figure 7).


8. Chinese humanoid robot (Figure 8).



The cognitive robots with communicative and associative logic of thinking having the systems of machine retraining of realization of information requirements will be able quickly to change professional qualification and competences. The international scientific and engineering society gradually moves to technical realization of the cognitive professional robot with retraining. In the future in labor market cognitive robots with retraining will perform professional works, and the person will occupy a niche of scientific research of creative innovative activity.



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