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Perception about Coughing Disease among University Students

Muhammad Imran Qadir1 and Arslan Hassan2**

1,2Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan

Corresponding Author

Received Date: June 20, 2019;  Published Date: June 21, 2019


The objective of the present study was the perception of coughing among university students Coughing makes noise when sudden exhale of air done and virus brings up changes in neuron physiology which leads to sneezing and parasympathetically responses excretions in bronchi lead to coughing. Some symptoms are fever, chest painfulness, breathing difficulty. There are two types of sources exogenous and endogenous which leads to coughing. From the survey of university students mostly people said coughing is viral disease and almost all people suffer from coughing. As it is more common but it is not a genetic disease and not transmitted by any contact and blood transfusion among people. It can be cured by medicines and some said that for this disease there is no need for any treatment.

Keywords: Coughing; Neural alleyways; Neuron physiology


Coughing is sudden exhale of air from lungs with making noise. In nasals airlines virus brought changes in neuron physiology primes to sneezing and parasympathetically response excretions whereas in bronchia which lead to coughing. There are mainly three types of coughing acute cough, subacute cough, and chronic coughing. From these three types mostly, acute type is found in people and lasts for maximum three weeks. This is caused by the viral infection other types may cause by bacteria also. Coughing always show irritating signs for patient and makes him lazy and sleepy all day. Some symptoms are fever, chest painfulness, breathing difficulty. In some cases, acute can change into chronic coughing where coughing and abnormal air passage feelings longs outlive than primary virus infection [1]. This proposes that few viruses have the ability to make insistent flexibility in the neural alleyways arbitrating coughing. This is typically notice that virus persuaded coughing that can continue fit out there the time desired for clearing of the virus infections. By changing the nervous system, respirational viruses thrive in escape but mostly leaves beyond hosts with extreme coughing respirational disease. Coughing may have different timing. It may morning cough or smoker cough, day coughing, night coughing and all-day long coughing. There may different types of sources some are exogenous some are endogenous which leads to inflammation, constriction, or compression of airways which resulted to cough [2,3].

The objective of the present study was the perception of coughing among university students.

Material and Methods


As it was survey so no scientific method was available. For the perception and awareness of coughing we met with the university students and consented them whether they know about Coughing or not. Most of them students knew that coughing was viral disease and they told that coughing was one of common diseases and not spread through any contact or blood transfusion and we wrote on our list[4,5].Total 112 students participated in this study. All the students were of Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan [6,7].

Result and Discussions

(Figure 1- 4)






We concluded from the present study that mostly people thought that coughing is a viral disease and almost all people go through this disease and they also know that it can be cured by medicines.



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