Open Access Research article

Kinematic Modeling and Simulation of Inverted Pendulum for Balancing a Two-Wheeled Robot

Kathryn Remell, Kenneth Mordi, and Uchechukwu C Wejinya*

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Arkansas – Fayetteville, Member, IEEE, USA.

Corresponding Author

Received Date: February 13, 2023;  Published Date: February 23, 2023


Two wheeled robots are highly maneuverable and capable of handling large shifts in their center of gravity through dynamic stabilization making them more versatile than four-wheeled robots and ideal for extra-terrestrial exploration. The purpose of this paper is to develop a controller for a two wheeled robot for extra-terrestrial exploration. This work develops the controller for a two wheeled robot to achieve the desired control parameters to facilitate autonomous extra-terrestrial exploration. Two lead-lag compensators were developed utilizing analytical methods combined with iteration and simulation. The analytically developed lead-lag compensator failed to meet transient design requirements, but the compensator developed using Matlab’s Control System Designer met all desired specifications.

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