Open Access Case Report

Fixed Drug Eruption Due to A Cerumenolytic Ear Drop; Hydrogen Peroxide and Boric Acid: A Case Report

Akif İşlek1* and Engin Karaaslan2

1Nusaybin State Hospital, Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery Clinic, Mardin, Turkey

2Nusaybin State Hospital, Dermatology and Venereology, Mardin, Turkey

Corresponding Author

Received Date: October 24, 2020;  Published Date: November 03, 2020


Treatment of earwax often involves the use of a wax softening agent (cerumenolytic) with or without antimicrobial agents to easily removing. Cerumenolytic agents used to remove and soften earwax areoil-based treatments, water-based treatments. Fixed drug eruption (FDE) is a welldefined, circular, hyperpigmented plaque that usually occurs on the trunk, hands mucosal surfaces, after a systemical application of drugs. In this report, a case with FDE developed after a cerumenolytic agent (hydrogen peroxide and boric acid in water). A definitive diagnosis was made with skin punch biopsy and FDE was treated with oral levocetirizine and topical mometasone.

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