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Open Access Research Article

Research of The Effect of Saliva and Hygiene Products for Oral Cavity with the Use of The Indicators of Mineralization of Hard Tooth Tissues of Various Functional Groups

Prikule DV, Alexandrov MT*, Kukushkin VI, Pashkov EP, Achmedov AN and Namiot ED

Scientific and Clinical Center for the Rehabilitation of Women’s Health, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: March 04, 2019;  Published Date: March 28, 2019


Aim: In vitro using Raman-fluorescence spectroscopy study the effect of saliva and hygiene products for oral cavity on the mineralization indicators of various anatomical and topographic zones of the teeth for their various functional groups, justify its clinical expediency and effectivity.

Methods: In preclinical In vitro study on 90 model tooth test objects (incisors, premolars and molars) removed according to clinical indications, Raman-Fluorescence study of the degree of mineralization (Raman characteristics spectrum) was conducted and violation of the hygienic condition of the teeth (the presence of plaque and its fluorescence intensity) in various functional groups of teeth was also investigated. For the registration of the studied parameters APK “InSpectr M” with a wavelength probe radiation of 532 nm was used. Advantages of Raman Fluorescent spectroscopy for determining the degree of mineralization and hygienic condition tooth digital tissues are objectivity (digital technology), expressivity, non-invasive, simple and non-destructive degree control of mineralization / demineralization of the selected tooth tissues and its hygienic state, possibility of documenting and storing information (creating a database).

Result: During the study a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the effects of saliva and hygiene products for the oral cavity on mineralization and hygienic condition of various functional groups of teeth was performed.

Keywords: Enamel; Saliva; Mineralization, Anatomical Topographic Area; Hard Tooth Tissue; Oral Hygiene Products; Raman- Fluorescence Spectroscopy; Hygiene Assessment

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