Open Access Opinion

Bio-Touch: A Non-Invasive Tool to Improve Outcomes

Carole A McKenzie*

Department of Nursing, A&M University Commerce, Texas

Corresponding Author

Received Date: February 02, 2021;  Published Date:April 08, 2021


In the quest to discover additional ways to manage patient pain and stress, complementary therapies provide an adjunctive possibility to the plan of care. In addition, it is sometimes necessary to combine not only complementary therapies but traditional therapies to achieve maximum quality patient outcomes. Bio-Touch is a simple hands-on healing technique that requires no special tools and can be taught to anyone, even children. There are no deleterious effects, no costs other than learning the technique, and it is easy to learn. Bio-Touch is a light, “butterfly” touch lasting ten to fifteen seconds on specific points of the body, depending upon the patient condition being treated.

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