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FOOLS RUSH IN: Exploratory Research, Change Moments and The Work of Fools for Health

Bernie Warren1* and Hind C2

1Professor Emeritus, SODA, University of Windsor, Canada

2School of Social Work, University of Windsor, Canada

Corresponding Author

Received Date:3 July 2022;  Published Date:16 August 2022


ALL research is exploratory; However, some research is more exploratory than others as, rather than examining the known it takes a leap of faith, a step into the unknown. And while, not all exploratory studies reveal new information, you cannot know this until you are deep into the research itself. This article examines the murky world of exploratory research through an examination of some of the change moments and discoveries in the work of Fools for Health’s, “What’s the Value of a Smile” project.

Keywords:Exploratory Research; Clown Doctors; Humor; Healthcare Outcomes; Change Moments; Taoism; Complementary Medicine

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