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Multiple Drug Use Disorder in Homeless People with Severe Mental Illness

Rafael Fernández García-Andrade1,2,3,4*, Beatriz Serván Rendón Luna2, Miriam Manuela Tenorio2, Virginia Vidal Martínez5, Julia Sevilla Llewellyn Jones2, Elena Medina Téllez de Meneses1,6 and Blanca Reneses Prieto2,3,4

1Department of Psychiatry, Mental Health Street Team of Madrid’s Programme for the Psychiatric Care of the Homeless Mentally Ill, Spain

2Department of Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry and Mental Health of the Clínico San Carlos Hospital, Spain

3Department of Psychiatry, Health Research Institute of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos (IdISSC), Spain

4Faculty of Medicine, Complutense University, Spain

5Department of Psychiatry, Alcorcón University Hospital Foundation, Spain

6Department of Psychiatry, La Paz University Hospital, Spain.

Corresponding Author

Received Date: July 04, 2019;  Published Date: July 23, 2019


Homeless people (HP) with severe mental illness (SMI) and with a comorbid diagnosis of Multiple Drug Use Disorder (MDUD) are one of the most vulnerable and most difficult populations to engage. The objective of this study was to analyze the factors that are associated with the MDUD in the HP SMI. A retrospective observational study was conducted, with a total sample of 146 patients from a psychiatric attention program for HP with SMI. Two groups of subjects with and without a diagnosis due to MDUD were studied and compared with each other. Sociodemographic and clinic variables were collected. A logistic regression analysis was made in which the variables with statistically significant differences between the two groups were included. The following factors associated with MDUD were identified: duration of the mental disorder up to one year (p=0.002) OR=7.41; diagnosis of personality disorder (p=0.023) OR=6.45, history of criminal behavior (p=0.002) OR=5.88; age under 45 years old (p=0.003) OR=5.51. More studies are required because of the implication that it has in the adequate therapeutic approach of this population.

Keywords: Dual Diagnosis; Homeless Population; Homelessness; Severe Mental Illness

Abbreviations: HP: Homeless People; SMI: Severe Mental Illness; MDUD: Multiple Drug Use Disorder

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