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Hydrothermal Ageing Impact & Damage Characterization for Polymeric Composites by means of Experimental Techniques

Farkhanda Afzal1*, Rukhsana Bibi2, Deeba Afzal3 and Faryal Chaudry3

1MCS, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan

2University of the Lahore, Pakpattan Campus, Pakpattan, Pakistan

3University of the Lahore, Lahore Campus, Lahore, Pakistan

Corresponding Author

Received Date: November 12, 2019;  Published Date: November 26, 2019


Composite materials are nowadays extensively used in aerospace structures, off-shore platforms, automotive industry and many other high technology fields because of combination of excellent mechanical performance and light weight. For these reasons classical metal alloys are progressively replacing primary structural components by reinforced polymeric compo- sites. The aim of this research is to develop models to predict degradation in Polymeric Composite Materials under varying moisture conditions. This goal has been achieved by using a combination of experimental and numerical methods. Various experiments were carried out to characterize the moisture uptake and mechanical properties of number of different composite materials. In these research models were developed for predicting moisture concentration in the composite materials under recurrent moisture absorption and desorption conditions. The aim of this research is the development of modelling methodology for the prediction of degradation in polymeric composites subjected to fluctuating environmental service conditions.

Keywords: Hydrothermal ageing; Moisture diffusion; Fiber fracture; Fiber-matrix deboning; Unidirectional composites

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