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Traditional Embroidery as a Method of Decoration in Najd Desert Tribes

Tahani Nassar Alajaji*

Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University, Saudi Arabia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: November 30, 2019;  Published Date: December 05, 2019


Saudi Arabian Traditional Costumes and textiles are characterized by their variety of shapes, materials and decorative styles. The natural, geographical and climatic environment in Saudi Arabia plays a prominent role in this field. It is the traditional clothing of women that limits their identity through which one can know the area in which they live, through the decoration and embroidery on their clothes. The aim of this research is to identify some of the methods used in Traditional Costumes decoration and accessories and to reveal the aesthetics of traditional embroidery as a method of traditional Najd desert tribes. Moreover, to identify the uses of embroidery method on uniforms or fabric. The research will follow the descriptive, and one of the most important tools used in data collection is the questionnaire and the observation. Among the results is the use of embroidery in many Traditional Costumes and textiles in Najd desert tribes. The variety of stitches used, and the consistency and harmony in the colors used in the decoration of traditional dress in the selection of raw materials and yarns. The use of embroidery helps to strengthen the seamstresses and the edges of the uniform or fabric, and the similarity between some areas in the forms of decoration and colors and raw materials used, and some in the case of damage to the costume is transferred to the decoration of the new costume. The embroidery has increased the aesthetic value of the costume or textile. One of the most important recommendations is to do more studies and scientific research on the traditional decoration methods. Making use of it in the fashion and textile industry in Saudi Arabia. Support and encourage professional practitioners of traditional embroidery, and finally include the traditional embroidery of Saudi Arabia among the academic programs in the field of specialization..

Keywords: Decoration; Traditional; Embroidery; Saudi Arabia; Traditional costume; Textiles; Najd desert tribes

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