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Preparation of Activated Carbon Fibers from Fiber Mixtures

Tsuyoshi Yoda1,2*, Keita Shibuya3 and Hideki Myoubudani3

1Chuetsu Technical Support Center, Industrial Research Institute of Niigata Prefecture, Japan

2Hirosaki Industrial Research Institute, Aomori Prefectural Industrial Technology Research Center, Japan

3Material Applied Technical Assistance Center, Industrial Research Institute of Niigata Prefecture, Japan

Corresponding Author

Received Date: September 05, 2018;  Published Date: September 14, 2018


Activated carbon fiber (ACF) is a novel material that is attracting significant attention. The pore structure found on the surface of ACFs is strongly related to their functionality. ACF production from fiber mixtures is considered to be a useful approach for reusing waste cloth and fibers. However, the use of such mixtures of materials in the preparation of ACF has not been investigated in detail. Here, we describe ACF preparation from fiber mixtures and discuss solutions to a problem encountered during preparation.

Keywords: Activated carbon fiber; Fiber mixture; Thermal treatment; Adsorption function

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