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Insight into Emerging Opportunities for Sustainable- Led Strategies in Textiles

Lynne A Patten*

School of Business, Clark Atlanta University, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: September 24, 2019;  Published Date: October 03, 2019


Sustainability is an important, but ever-changing area of development. The potential benefits to society and the planet are limitless. However, many profit seeking companies struggle with sustainability and how to incorporate sustainable-led strategies without compromising the bottomline. It is particularly true in textiles, where it can be a significant challenge to deliver impactful products, while utilizing sustainable-led strategies. This paper provides insight into the opportunities for sustainable-led strategies in textiles. After a brief review of sustainable-led strategies, the paper explores the impact of technology on sustainability and how this interaction has led to market opportunities in a variety of industries, including textiles. The discussion indicates that sustainable-led strategies can be an effective approach in textiles. As sustainability becomes more important to the planet and consumer demand for sustainable products grow, companies in textiles can utilize technology to implement effective sustainable-led strategies to maximize the growing demand for sustainable products and drive the bottom-line.

Keywords: Sustainable-led strategies; Sustainable textiles; Sustainability

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