Open Access Research Article

Improvement of Efficiency and Productivity Through Machine Balancing in a Sewing Line

Champa Saha1* and Tarikul Islam2

1BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology, Bangladesh

2Jashore University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author

Received Date: April 10, 2019;  Published Date: April 29, 2019


This study investigates and demonstrates the application of computer simulation for the design of a manufacturing process for t-shirt production in a virtual-reality environment. The focal constraint against the higher productivity is the difference in individual capacity which is the mode of improper line balancing and bottle check process. This study is based on an effective layout model where to hit upon the bottleneck process through benchmark capacity and led us to use balancing process using two separate concept of manufacturing processes- modular line and traditional system both together. The research shows that this balanced layout model has increased the efficiency by 9 % and labor productivity by 6 %.

Keywords: Productivity; Line-balancing; Apparel industry; Efficiency

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