Open Access Review Article

Progress in Textile Reinforced Ductile Cementitious Composite for Structural Retrofitting

Ali N Al-Gemeel1,2 and Yan Zhuge1*

1School of NBE, University of South Australia, Australia

2College of Engineering, University of Babylon, Iraq

Corresponding Author

Received Date: July 23, 2019  Published Date: August 05, 2019


Abstract This paper presents a review of literature on the innovation of textile reinforced mortar (TRM) and its applications in structural retrofitting fields. The structure of this paper is focused on the definition of this composite along with its characterization and the most common recent applications on structural retrofitting of concrete and masonry structures. The technique has dragged a respectable research interest in the construction fields due to its promising characteristics, ease of application and competitive cost. More research is required to cover many aspects such as the matrix used to bond textile fibres. More attention is required on applying this new type of textile fibre composite material in the construction field.

Keywords: Textile reinforced mortar; Fibre; Retrofitting; Concrete structures

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