Open Access Mini Review

Effects of Pattern Maker’s Work Experience with Designer on Clothing Creation

Umer Hameed1*, SaimaUmer2 and Usman Hameed2

1National Textile University, Pakistan

2Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan

Corresponding Author

Received Date: September 05, 2020;  Published Date: October 07, 2020


The effects of a patternmaker’s prior experience working with a designer on their patternmaking was investigated by comparing two patternmakers’ (P1 and P2) work processes. P1 had considerable experience working with the designer involved, while P2 had none. We asked both patternmakers to make patterns for two garments and observed their work processes. We compared the results after their first and second session working with the designer. P1 had a high level of understanding of the design and required less verification of points by the designer. Few modifications were required. Conversely, P2 asked the designer more questions and the designer requested more modifications following the toile check. However, P2 required less points confirmed by the designer following the second session compared with the first session. It was shown that greater experience working with a designer enabled a patternmaker to obtain a better understanding of the designer’s intention in a design. Thus, the patternmaker was able to make a pattern that satisfied the designer’s requirements more quickly and with fewer modifications. This finding increases our understanding of the effects of interactions between designers and patternmakers on efficient garment design.

Keywords: Patternmaker; Creation; Experience; Designer; Garment

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