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Comparative Analysis of Laser Treatment on Solid and Yarn Dyed Cotton Fabric

Marzia Islam1*, Kamrun Nahar2, Jannatul Ferdush2 and Tarifun Akter2

1,2Lecturer, Department of Textile Engineering, Northern University Bangladesh, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author

Received Date: November 04, 2019;  Published Date: November 08, 2019


In this study, Woven fabric was treated by a carbon dioxide (Co2) laser. Two types of 100% cotton fabrics one is solid dyed, and another is yarn dyed samples were treated with a Co2 laser under the same conditions with two laser processing parameters, namely, (i) resolution and (ii) pixel time, were used to adjust the laser power. After laser treatment, the color properties like Color co-ordinate value following CIE L*a*b* method and Metamerism Index were measured. Abrasion pilling resistance and tear strength were also determined. Then the results were analyzed thoroughly and built up a comparison among them.

Keywords: Abrasion pilling resistance; Cotton; Color properties; Laser; Pixel time; Resolution,

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