Open Access Review Article

An Overview of Geotextiles: Industrial Application in Technical Textiles

Redwanul Hasan*

Department of Yarn Engineering, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 08, 2020;  Published Date: January 21, 2020


Geotextiles are technical textiles which will lead the future textile market. Geotextiles have great impact on protecting natural disaster. Now a day’s countries are very much vulnerable to the influence of climate change. Due to climate change and other causes there are significant number of disasters is happening day by day. Geotextiles can protect our bridges, roads and soil from natural disaster by making embankments and retaining walls. Erosion control can be occurred by this. By using geotextiles, it is made temporary roads or permanent roads . So, at the time of natural disaster it cannot be damaged. The application of geotextiles is huge. Not only disaster time but also the solution of drainage system and reinforcement of road is done by geotextiles. Actually, geotextiles are mixing branch of textile engineering and civil engineering. Civil engineers look after the civil part and textile engineers look after the textile materials of it . Geotextiles are made by various way. But in industrial approach geotextiles are made some different way. In this article it is discussed about all of it. Besides protecting from natural disaster geotextiles can separate the soil. That’s why geotextiles are used to identify the soil and soils quality. In this article , it is taken image of the application of geotextiles, how geotextiles can make , how can it protect the natural disaster. This is also discussed about geotextiles history and types. So, it can be said that from this article an overview of geotextiles can be found.

Keywords: Geotextiles; Erosion; Reinforcement; Natural fiber; Man- made fiber; Separation; Filtration, Drainage; Geosynthetics; Solid barrier; Surfacing; Tension membrane

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