Open Access Research Article

Assessing the Quality Improvement Process of Hypertensive/Diabetic Patients through Medical Outpatient Compliance tracking in Chow Hospital, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria – A Three-Year Retrospective Study From 2015-2017

Monday AC Adishi*

Texila American University, USA

Corresponding Author

Received Date: March 13, 2019;  Published Date: June 19, 2019


The management of hypertensive/diabetic clients has become more complicated through the problems caused by non-compliance with medical appointment and therapeutic regimens. This ugly trend has robbed many clients of optimal health. The theoretical framework in this study is essentially based on Imogene King’s theory of goal attainment, which describes the interpersonal relationship where-by the client grows and develops to attain certain life goals by overcoming factors such as roles, stress, space and time. Within the three years under review, the abovementioned factors had been identified as barriers to Medical Out-Patient (MOP) compliance and treatment regimens among the hypertensive/ diabetic clients. Throughout the three years of this study, the MOP clients’ schedules with the physician and their corresponding attendance were monitored strictly, their awareness on health promotion, disease management and prevention of complications through compliance with MOP appointment and therapeutic regimens were increased, leading to a marked decrease in the rate of non-compliance and progressive improvement in their clinical parameters. Over 6,400 clients were scheduled for MOP clinic within the three years under review, but over 6,600 clients utilized the MOP clinic, due to the accommodation of about 500 clients who accessed the MOP clinic without previous schedule.

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