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Report on Activities of the Kangaroo Mother Care Unit

Kim Chi Luong*

Head of Neonatology department, TWG Long An Obstetrics-Pediatrics hospital, Vietnam

Corresponding Author

Received Date: October 01, 2020;  Published Date: October 29, 2020


Within two months of being officially put into operation, the team of doctors, nurses and midwives at TWG Long An Obstetrics- Pediatrics hospital has successfully managed many premature babies as well as full term babies with difficulty at birth.


At TWG Long An Obstetrics-Pediatrics hospital, we consider skin-to-skin method as an important treatment to achieve optimal results for term and preterm infants, especially, extremely premature babies. All preterm babies have been applied Kangaroo mother care immediately after birth (Figure 1&2).

Dr. Kim Chi Luong - Head of Neonatology department at TWG Long An Obstetrics-Pediatrics hospital – Member of International Kangaroo Association, collaborator of WHO, UNICEF was the first person to bring the Kangaroo mother care method to the South of Vietnam.

Recently, TWG Long An Obstetrics-Pediatrics hospital has successfully saved the life of a premature baby girl with only 700 grams birth weight at 26 weeks gestation. This is the smallest baby in Vietnam that has been successfully cared with continuing Kangaroo mother care method from the delivery room to the postnatal unit (Figure 3&4).


Two days earlier, TWG Long An Obstetrics-Pediatrics hospital saved the life of a baby with 1000 gram birth weight, born prematurely at 28 weeks gestation, now the mother and baby are monitored at the Neonatology Department, the baby has a stable development, increased more than 300 grams after 3 weeks of care. It is expected that the mother and baby will be discharged from the hospital next week (Figure 5&6).




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