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How to get ill; stay ill and die

Andrew Hague*

President of CellSonic Limited, Manufacturers of Medical Equipment, UK

Corresponding Author

Received Date: February 17, 2021;  Published Date: March 17, 2021


This is your death plan. Choose the easy options. Go with the flow. Do what you want to do. This will get you off the endless conveyor. No more effort and it’s all downhill. Be advised by advertisers; doctors who know nothing about food or exercise; a government that wants to squeeze you and business intent on profit. If you are reading this thinking you can do the opposite; think again. You will be fighting powers you did not know exist. Perhaps you should be in a cave without money, friends or help. Survival in a civilised society is difficult. Only the brave can go against the grain. There are three sectors: food; exercise and lifestyle. All three are waiting for you like monsters of the deep to suck you in and kill you. You think you are being looked after. Beware!

Keywords: Food; exercise; Lifestyle; Sugar; Dental; Electrical fields; Dr Merle Loudon; Lloyd Burrell; Nathan Crane; Professor Raed al Abd Hameed; EMF; Schumann resonance; 5G; immune system; Stress; emotions; Brain damage; CellSonic; biophysics

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