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Clinical Outcome of Posterior Wall Acetabular Fractures Treated by Open Reduction and Internal Fixation

Mahmoud I Abdel-Ghany* Ayman K Saleh Tohamy G Hassan and Moahmmed A Al-Dinasoury

Department of Orthopedic, Al-Azhar university, Faculty of Medicine for Girls, Cairo, Egypt

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 01, 2021;  Published Date: March 5, 2021


Background: Posterior wall acetabular fractures are the most common type of fracture acetabulum. Surgical treatment is the standard solution for displaced posterior acetabular wallfractures.

Study Design: This retrospective study evaluatesclinical and radiologic outcomes of open reduction and internal fixation in patients with posterior wall acetabular fractures.

Patients and methods: This study includes49 cases (37 males (75.5%) and 12 females (24.5%)), average age was 32.1 Years.All patients were admitted in both hospitals andunderwent surgical treatment of posterior wall acetabular fractures. All patients treated at Al-Zahraa University Hospital and Heliopolis hospitalbetweenMarch2011andJanuary2019. All patients had history of fall from height or car accident.

Result: Clinicaloutcomes were assessed by Modified Merl d’Aubejan Score (MMS) after surgery at the time of the study and evaluation of general condition and return to previous activities. The final clinical outcome was excellent in 32 cases (65.3%), good in 13 cases (26.5%), fair in 2 cases (4.1%) and poor in 2 cases (4.1%). Finally, both excellent and good outcome were considered satisfactory 45 cases (91.8%) and both fair and poor outcome were considered as unsatisfactory 4 cases(8.2%). Cases with satisfactory outcome had less associated injury and younger in age. Five cases (10.2 %) had superficial infection that treated by antibiotics and dressing,one case (2.05%) had sciatic nerve injury and two cases (4.1%)had AVN femoral head were reporte 654kd.

Conclusion: posterior wall acetabular fractures had favorable outcome with open reduction and internal fixation. Optimum time for surgery is earlier as possible, however early mobilization is preferred it may depends on the associated injury and treatment of that injuries. At least static exercise should be tried to improve the clinical outcome and minimize the complication of morbidity.

Keywords: Acetabular fracture; Posterior wall acetabular fracture, Internal fixation

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