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Open Access Review Article

Method of Reducing the Content of Fuel Oils Activation of the Alcohol Liquid

Vorobiev Yu V1 and Dunaev AV 2*

1Tambov state technical University, Russia

2Federal research Center of Agricultural Engineering VIM, Russia

Corresponding Author

Received Date: June 07, 2019;  Published Date: July 02, 2019


Environmental problems relate to food and wine-vodka products in terms of eliminating them from toxic substances. In this appears, although not cardinal, the possibility of a simple method to reduce the content of fuel oils in alcoholic liquids. This was tested for mechano-chemical activator liquids according to the Russia patent no 2411074. In it there is a destruction of organic substances and long-chain molecules of heavy oils are converted into light, safe compounds. So, in the activated «Cognac» acetone, ketone, isobutyl acetate and 2-butanol are completely removed, ethyl acetate is reduced by 2,3 times, six components of oils are reduced by 11.7%, two components of complex esters by 8 times, and two components of alcohols increased by 17.9%. Similarly, in conventional vodka acetaldehyde and acetone are removed, aromatic alcohols were less than 4 times, that of the ketone at 5.9 times. In wine «Cabernet» fuel oils reduced by 2,37 times, in white dry wine-3 times, and sweet fortified wine-100 times. Thus, the content of harmful substances in alcohol can be reduced by activator under the patent of Russia no 2411074.

Keywords:Alcoholic liquid; Fuel oil removal; Mechano-chemical activator

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